Saturday, July 14, 2012

Candy Jar of Life

Candy Jar of Life
As I sit here at the table
I see the candy jar
Filled with yummy treats–

Red cinnamon in
fiery cellophane,
Caramels sparkling in
shiny gold,

Peppermints in stripy
red and white,
Root beer wrapped
in orange and brown

Butterscotch–hard and sweet
in blue and yellow plaid
And lemon drops–very tart but
so soft inside.

As I sit here at the table 
Looking through my life
Filled with many friends–

The feisty redhead facing
life full on,
A wise old lady with
words of gold

The perky girl refreshing 
as a breeze,
A trusted friend answering
my every call

An old man some say hard, 
but really sweet and giving
A tart-talking rogue with
heart so soft.

As I sit here at the table
    Looking through my life.          
                          ©Marti Murphy


  1. What immediately came to mind was Forrest Gump saying life was like a box of chocolates.-Great prose & post- xo Diana

  2. Ok Now I want some candy? butterscotch to be exact :)) that was a very dearing post :]

  3. Love it! Now I'm sitting here wondering..."If I were a piece of candy, what kind would I be?"