Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Going Home

The city was so noisy, and the summer heat oppressive.  After several weeks visiting Grandma in Utah, it was time to go back home.  Our car was loaded with canned fruit and vegetables, and maybe some fresh fruit, and boxes of things that Grandma was sure we needed and Mom good heartedly couldn't refuse.  A picnic lunch was packed and early in the morning--so we could miss Salt Lake City's rush hour traffic--we were on our way.
Even though we loved the vacation, we looked forward to being back on our mountain, with its fresh breezes and quiet solitude. We loved being able to roam free with nature as our friend.


  1. It was just the opposite for me. I spent two weeks every summer with my grandmother as a kid and I never wanted to go home!

  2. Your sweet stories triggers memories of my own childhood that I'd filed away in my memory bank. Thanks for that!

  3. :)
    Such a treasure trove of memories!

  4. A worth spending time remembering those memories.