Tuesday, July 17, 2012


1. The Summer Olympics begin next week and London is playing host. If you had the chance to go in person which (non-Olympic) London site would you most like to visit?
I'd like to have tea with the queen, since that is unlikely, how about a visit to the Royal Museum

2. What is something in your life right now that feels like an Olympic event?
Trying to bring up my 20 year old grandson!

3. What's your favorite supper to prepare and serve when it's too hot to cook?
A shrimp salad

4. July 18th is National Get Out of the Doghouse Day...when was the last time you were 'in the doghouse'?
I pretty much live in the doghouse.  With all my kids and grandkids, seems that I am always in trouble.

5. What television advertisement do you find particularly irritating or inappropriate? You may not answer with 'all of them'. I know some of you were thinking about it.
Do political ads count, cause I hate them!

6. Share one piece of interesting news from the year you were born.

How Much things cost in 1941
Average Cost of new house $4,075.00 
Average wages per year $1,750.00 
Cost of a gallon of Gas 12 cents 
Average Cost for house rent $32.00 per month
Beautyrest mattress $39.50 
Average Price for a new car $850.00 

7. What's the best part of your average day?
Just like the commercial says, "The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup,  However, it is Seattle's Finest in my case.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Highlights from first day of vacation

The Grand Canyon as seen from 30,000 feet

Olympic National Park view from top of Mt Walker


  1. Love the photos! I'm NOT jealous, really, my eyes are always that glowing shade of green!

    I can't help but wonder if political ads really work anymore. Everyone seems to hate them,regardless of whose side the ad is for.

  2. I see snow on the mountains! DD is sharing pictures on Facebook, and so far I haven't seen any snow on the mountains ... there was snow on the mountains in June when we were there 2 years ago ... maybe it all melts between June and July.

    I didn't even think of political ads ... I hate them, too!!

  3. Ahh those political ads...super annoying! Both sides!

    Gorgeous photos...a friend of mine is hiking in Olympic National Park now and her pics are gorgeous. I need to get out there and see it for myself! Enjoy!