Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Steps to the Future

The August after I graduated from Cody High School, I boarded a bus and headed to Denver to go to college.  This was quite an adventure for a shy mountain girl who had never gone anywhere by herself.  I remember the way that I had my eyes glued to the windows, absorbing every scene that flitted by.  I also remember wondering what I was going to do when I had to go to the bathroom, but I was observant.  I remember a child telling his mom, "I have to go pee!", and she got up and went to the back of the bus and opened a little door. During the day, other people also made that trip to the rear, and I figured it out.  We did have one meal stop while the bus gassed up.  I sat on a bench outside and ate the lunch my mom had prepared for me.  

When I got to Denver, someone from the college met my bus, and thus began the next major episode of my life--a journey that would take me all over the world.  I was shy but had a spark of adventure that I just had to explore.  I learned to take that first step, and what wonderful things awaited me.  Of course there were heartaches and hurts as well, but all helped me to grow into who I am today.


  1. The start of the journey is so exciting. The plans we make, the dreams we have, and the innocence of youth spur us on past all of our fears.

  2. We miss a lot of life when we let fear stand in our way. You were brave and that opened doors. It's fun to read a post like this. Our kids will never know what it's like to live in a world where the whole world is not right at your fingertips. Technology has made things a little more knowable before you experience them. I suppose that's both good and bad.

  3. You were a brave girl, Marti. I can remember how exciting it was leaving home for the first time...and also how homesick I was- xo Diana