Monday, July 9, 2012

Meet me on Monday

Acting Balanced

1. What are two must haves when you go on a road trip?
Most important, I must have my GPS--Garmin.  Without her I can't get out of the parking lot.  I remember before I got her, I had flown into Portland, OR and rented my car and was on my way to visit my Mom, 90 miles south, somehow I ended up on the ocean--good thing I was going west or I might have ended up in NEW YORK CITY.  I did know how to get from the ocean to my Mom's.
The second thing that I need to have is good music.  I make sure my iPod is loaded and charged, and I have my car charger, too.  So if the radio can't please my tastes, I am never without music.
2. What is your favorite amusement park ride?
Although they scare me, I love the roller coasters.

3. Post favorite picture from the last six months?
My grandson leaving the hospital in January after his near fatal accident on Christmas Eve.

4. What do you (did you) call your grandparents?   If you are a grandparent what do your grandchildren call you?
I called my Mom's parents Grandma, and Grandpa.  My dad's parents had passed away before I was born.  My grandchildren all call me Gramma, my great-grandkids, and step-grandkids call me Gramma Marti.


  1. I do NOT do amusement park rides. The kiddy roller coaster at Disney World is way more than I can handle!

    We refer to our GPS as "she", also. In fact, we've given her a name: Mabel. ;-)

  2. I like that number 4 question and may add that to the hodgepodge one day. I can't do coasters. I wish I could, its the motion that gets me. I like the speed but I just can't do anything with too much motion.

  3. David will tell you I'd stop driving when I got to the ocean trying to find my way to Topeka or St. Louis! I'm not that bad, really, but I have to have directions written in big letters next to e if I'm driving alone. Thankfully, most of the time someone else is driving!

  4. Praise God he got to leave the hospital and spend it with his Family at the Holidays I hope his recovery is going well?
    Sometimes music distracts me so I have yet to get an Ipod ..