Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Track meet

1940-1950's--The beginning of spring, just as the snow was beginning to melt, meant that it was time to start practicing for the yearly country school district track meet. Every day we would run from the school grounds to Wapiti General Store, (among the grove of trees) and back, about a quarter of a mile to get in shape for the foot races.  We would practice passing a stick so we could compete in the relay races, and throwing a nice round boulder to become proficient at the shot put.  
The Saturday of the meet, we would drive to town and mingle with all the other country school kids, each group being cheered on by teachers and parents. After all the events, we would have a picnic lunch, and then the District School Superintendent would pass out ribbons.
This was the only intra-school activity that we had.  It was a chance to meet other rural children, and to become acquainted with the outside world.  This was not only an athletic event but a social one as well. When we entered high school it was reassuring if we were able to see a familiar face. 


  1. Nice post, Marti. Love the mountains in the background.

  2. Track meets are still that same way, Marti. My oldest daughter, Brittany, loved participating more for the social aspects than anything else.

  3. What a fun thing. I grew up in a very rural area and we had nothing like this. xo Diana

  4. Sounds like a fun time and a great memory, I always love reading about your youth Marti :)