Saturday, April 28, 2012

I'm Bored

Seems like my little 5 year old granddaughters favorite phrase is "I'm bored".  What she is actually saying is that she wants me to play with her.  But I understand boring.

Sometimes it's hard to have a good attitude when a job is less than perfect, too boring, too repetitious, or just plain dull.  How do I get through these tasks?  Once I get the job going, I look for the rhythms and the patterns.  When I was working, I had to do a lot of data transfer from our current system to the new one--I was the little migration bird.  It could be so boring, but if I concentrated on the patterns, developed a rhythm soon I was feeling less stressed and the actual transfer of information was in the background, and time went by so much faster, and the work actually got done quicker.

Years ago I worked for BF Goodrich making refrigerator seals.  My job was to cut two pieces of seal at 90 degree angles, bond them together with heat and send them on down the line.  I had to do this for eight hours. After I learned to operate at two levels simultaneously, my shift was over before I knew it.  The subconscious mind had a built-in alarm that would sound when the pattern was not right. My production level was high, and quality control passed my work. 

Our mind is a wonderful thing, helping us work through difficult situations and deal with boredom.  We are truly wonderfully made!


  1. I find that even in boring jobs there is some pattern that can keep us sharp. And, I would always rather have TOO MUCH to do than not enough. xo Diana

  2. Like you, I find something about what I'm doing that provides just enough interest to keep the task from being too boring. ;-)

  3. Oh Marti.....we are wonderfully grandson also say the same thing....I tell him "only boring people are bored" and then laugh hysterically.

    have a good day,


  4. amazing. mind over matter, you a re living proof.

    Bid Bad Book of Boring...i have heard this from my grandkids before, years back.

    now they are grown, and are never bored, they make sure of that.