Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Arrowheads, Snakes and Feathers

There wasn't much opportunity to earn money as a kid growing up on the side of Logan Mountain near Yellowstone park.  But my oldest brother was a true entrepreneur. Every summer thousands of tourists drove from Cody to Yellowstone park, all hungry for the perfect original souvenir.  My brother realized this, so in his hiking and playing was always on the look out for something unique.  He would collect obsidian rooks that the Indians used to make arrowheads,  and often he would find actual arrowheads left behind by those past residents of the area. Then he added eagle feathers to the collection and of course the rattles from the many rattlesnakes that we shared the land with, and perhaps even a skin from the unlucky snake to cross his path.  
Then he would hike down to the highway and set up a little stand such as a ten year old might make and sell his finds.  He could sell an arrowhead for a dollar, and rattles for 50 cents. By the end of a good day he had earned $5.00--a fortune to him. He was thrifty with his money, always having a goal that he was saving for. Once he saved enough to buy a hunting bow; another time a pair of boots. His ingenuity made our parents proud.


  1. He was a talented businessman. Recognized a need and tried to fill it. I can imagine that everyone in the family was rightfully proud of him. Did you have a lemonade stand? That might have been another need. ☺

  2. Your brother was a real hardworking and smart boy! He knew what he wanted and set out to get it! My brothers had plenty of chores on the farm, but to make money, they would haul hay during haying season for other farmers. (They were a little older than 10 tho.) Have a good week!