Thursday, December 8, 2011

Red Haired Kid

Because of the distance, poor winter road conditions, too young to drive, and no school bus, I was unable to live at home and go to high school.  So at thirteen years old, I worked as a nanny for room and board. When I was a freshman, I was employed out on the east side of town by a couple who had two children.  Since both parents worked, I cleaned the house, helped the boy and girl with their homework, made supper for the family, and then spent the evenings doing homework.  
This was the year that I first decided to dye my hair.  I had blond hair–not the pretty light blond like the movie stars, but a “dishwater” blond.  I so wanted to be a red head.  Inspiration!  I got the  bottle of Mercurochrome from the medicine closet and liberally soaked my hair.  You can imagine my shock and despair when my hair turned pink.  I washed and washed it, then washed it with Clorox water, but it still was definitely pink.  When my employer came home from work, she took pity on me and got some real hair color, and covered the pink.  

Lady Gaga
I had learned my lesson, I waited until I was grown up and had money before I tried the dying experience again, but never with pink.  Thinking back on it, maybe way back then, I was ahead of my time.


  1. I can't imagine putting Mercurochrome on my hair! I've gotten it on my hands and fingers before and it took forever to wear off! Lady GaGa with pink hair...not so sure about that one! :)

  2. You were a hard working young lady! Maybe I live in the wrong part of the country, but I can't see many young people doing that these days. Too many youngun's are just spoiled!
    Mercurochrome? I never would have thought of that one! LOL. I'm glad you didn't damage your hair permanently with that and the bleach water!
    I remember having a bad perm that just fried my hair when I was real young and I've never had once since!

  3. What we won't do to look different!!! Too funny!

  4. reminds me a lot of Anne of Green Gables :)

    Mercurouchrome was my husband's families' cure-all. He once split the skin between his toes open & his mom bound them dumped mercuruouchrome in there & they healed pretty well. Same when his dad put a pitch fork in his foot ... I've never owned any - but I think I'd like to!! :)

  5. That sure sounds like a lot of work for a kid plus having to go to school!!

    It was nice of the woman to help you out.

  6. Oh the crazy things we did when we were young!!! :-)

    It looks pretty bad on Lady Gaga too. I wonder if she's tried the Clorox fix? lol

  7. Oh my gosh, Marti, it happened to me too!!! The night I met my husband, I had purple hair! lol

  8. Oh the stories that you tell are wonderful - hope you look back on them with as much happiness as I do Pinky!


  9. Yup you were way ahead of your time. Pink, blue, green hair, it all happens now, but not then! Glad your hair got fixed quickly.
    I am retired too, and keepin' busy with writing, gardening, etc.

  10. WOW! So funny because who knew you were ahead in fashion at the time! I think we all have done this at one time in our life...I know I have!

  11. ha! ha! i am going to colour my hair too..