Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting the tree

Growing up on the ranch, Christmas decorating was always natural.  We would make paper snowflakes and hang them with sewing thread from the wooden ceiling beams.  We would gather juniper boughs with their blue berries and arrange them, perhaps with a fabric bow. 

All year long, Daddy would be on the lookout for just the right tree.  Then the week before Christmas, he would saddle up his horse.  If the chosen tree was some distance he would take a pack horse and his axe, and late that evening would return with the perfect tree.

It sat outside for a couple of days so the branches would relax, and then on Christmas eve, he would bring it in, set it up so it was perfectly straight--with Mom's guidance, of course.  And then the whole family would help decorate it.  Every tinsel strand was hung just so.  Finally the star was put on the top.  Every year I was sure that it was the most beautiful tree in the world.

This fits in with Susan's list today--Christmas Tree.  Here are a couple of antique trees that I put up, the beginning of my decorating.

I have several antique things that I bring out for the holidays, soon my house will have that special Christmas feel.

Every year I am sure that is the best decorating that I have done. Life needs to get out of my way so that I can get started.


  1. My parents always put up the Christmas tree after I went to bed on Christmas Eve. For some reason, my dad thought I should think Santa brought it, too. That went out the window when I was 8 or so and started staying up later.

    Still to this day, though, I associate the smell of pine with Christmas morning. We have artificial trees now, but I burn pine scented candles all through the season.

  2. What a great holiday memory! At our house only my mom was allowed to hang the tinsel. LOL

  3. Now that's a great memory! Cannot imagine putting the tree up on Christmas Eve, but it sure made for a fun morning!!

  4. Ah, beautiful memories! When I was a kid, we always had a cedar tree cut on the farm and it was put up 10 days to 2 weeks before Christmas. They dry out so fast, even when watered. Now, when I smell cedar I think of Christmas long ago. I usually cut some cedar branches and tuck them around things here in the house and make swags to hang with big red bows on the light post on each side of the driveway. If only I had more energy to get these things done now!

  5. OH I love your story! Where would we be with out our memories? Thank You for sharing with us....

  6. Sounds like a charming childhood! So nice to have good memories. Love that picture. Just today we put up our tree. Usually we have an 8 1/2 ft. tree, but this year we have a short, wide tree that we set on the windowseat in the schoolroom. The grandsons were here so they decorated it. So cute! Love it when they try to get all the ornaments in the same spot. lol

  7. I can't imagine growing up on a ranch - gee - you got an education I'll never have. So nice to see what it was like via you!

    Getting your own tree - cutting it - horses - decorating it - awesome.