Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good bye 2011--Hello 2012

Good bye 2011.  What a year you were.  You started out quietly.  There was time for me to work on my art.  My grandson got a dog--Biscuit--a lively addition to our household.  Then in June my daughter got married in Hawaii, and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend.  Three weeks of extreme sightseeing.  Ah, then back to reality.  Next on your calendar were three outpatient surgeries for me.  And you ended up with me spending Christmas Eve in ICU with my grandson after a traffic accident. The next few days living in ICU and rushing home to take care of needed chores.  But you ended with my grandson coming home, and his mom--my daughter spending a week.  So all in all it was a memorable year.
Now, I am ready to say hello to 2012.  And am expecting wonderful things.

Happy new year to all of you, my blogging friends.  I wish for you happiness and peace.


  1. Just read about your grandson's accident and then, MIRACLE. Praying for his healing and for all those who love him, peace.
    Have a very happy, creative 2012.


  2. Well, now I know that I read way too fast when I'm blog reading. I saw 'my grandson got a dog biscuit.' LOL I did a double take and saw what it REALLY said. So happy for your grandson, and for Biscuit. Have a wonderful 2012, Marti!!

  3. hopefully, 2012 will bring you strength and good health, and maybe you could make a point of returning to I loved that state when we traveled there.

    And thoughts and prayers for your grandson's recovery!!

    Thanks for visiting today, and have a happy new year.

  4. Wishing your grandson swift healing, and wishing you a peaceful, blessed New Year, Arti! :-)

  5. It has been nice to meet you this year. You have had a busy year. I am praying for you and your grandson.
    I hope things are a lot easier this year.