Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Born of Kings

My Prescott daughter has always expressed and interest in her heritage.  So this year, I made this memory book.  Using BoBunny Timepiece album, I created a book that traces her ancestory on my dad's side of the family back 70 generations.
Daddy was of Scottish/Irish descent.  The Scottish clans kept very detailed records of their generations, so this made the search for ancestors easier to follow.

His mother was a direct descendant of the Stewart of Scotland, from which the Kings of England are also descended.  My daughter's 22nd generation great grandfather was Robert II, King of Scotland Stewart--the first Stewart king.

I found this copy of the registry of the marriage of Daddy's mom and dad, the starting place on my quest through the years.

These are photos of me, my dad, his mother and a  distant relative--Leutwinus Bishop Of Treves (660 - 772)


  1. What a great keepsake. I'll bet your daughter was thrilled. We have my father's side traced back to the early 1600's. Hugs- Diana

  2. I am almost speechless! What a great gift - I bet your daughter loved it!

  3. Maybe we're related! My aunt, who was at my house for Christmas, is into genealogy and was just telling us at the dinner table how she had traced our family back to Robert the Bruce, the King of Scotland!
    I think the memory book you made for your daughter was a wonderful gift!

  4. this is a most beautiful creation! also i came here because i saw a post at cindy a's whimsical musings about your grandson. i am keeping him and all your family in my prayers. love to you all. xoxo