Friday, December 30, 2011


My favorite things this week are from great to amazing--granted not the usual things that happen in everyday life--put certainly things to make me happy.
Wonderful book that I received from Conny at The Life of an Ordinary Hausfrau, an enchanting Amish love story.
Praise God that my grandson survived this crash
Joy that little granddaughter showed over PJ's--Gramma scored.

Grandson is now sleeping in his own bed.  He was so ready to come home from the hospital.  His jaw is wired shut, so for the next 6-8 weeks he will be eating through a straw.

1. Lately, I have been feeling  a little__overwhelmed.  I have another surgery today, my grandson just got out of the hospital.
2. I am usually a ­­­­__easy going person, not one to worry
3. Tired with a sense of accomplishment_is always the best feeling at the end of the day
4. Brush my teeth, then get dressed_is the first thing I do in the morning


  1. I'm so tickled you enjoyed the book!! :) And continued prayers for your grandson's recovery ... still quite a road ahead for him. Also hope you will be ok today after surgery.

  2. no doubt the big news is there about this terrible accident lived, I wish you good health for 2012.

  3. Oh my word, thank God your grandson survived!

    God bless you guys. Happy New Year.

  4. Glad he's home and I hope your surgery goes well!!!

  5. Marti, I hope and pray that your surgery went well, and I am so happy that your grandson is out of the hospital. How terrifying!

    And don't you love to score with the munchkins? I felt that way, too, with our goddaughter's gift this year. I haven't talked to my niece about her baby's gift to see if we scored there, but I hope we did. LOL!

    Finally got the computer back, and I am trying hard to play catch up. Thank you so much for your visit. Sending you warm hugs and all good wishes for a Happy 2012!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Dear Marti,
    Sending love and hugs to you and wishing you and your whole family a Happy New Year ahead!!! I am grateful that Sheridan is improving and I pray he goes from strength to strength every day....

    I hope your package arrived--there is a card in it for him too!!!!

  7. Hi Marti....First off....let me thank you for stopping by to see my during this extremely difficult time for you. Actually you have been on my mind since I read your post about your grandson. God is indeed gracious......Hopefully your surgery went off without a hitch. BTW.....I don't know where you are in the valley...but I always love meeting new artists when I can. Shemer....where I'm taking this little class is on the east side out toward Scottsdale Fashion Square....they are offering more classes in January...just go on the net and you can see their schedule.

    Stay well sweet lady,


  8. Marti!
    So glad your grandson is okay..... and hope your surgery went swimmingly!
    here's to a great 2012 ----
    I'm not sure that anyone of us had a great 2011 --- so I say "Good riddance!"

  9. PRAISE THE LORD for your grandson. sandie

  10. so glad your grandson is safe and at home, I tagged you on my blog, you can see it here

    Hope you have a great New Year!


  11. accomplishments are the best feeling.. Thinking of your grandson and hoping all is OK>

  12. Hope your grandson will have a speedy recovery. Seeing that makes me scared of when my kids get ready to drive. I have to brush my teeth first thing, too...can't stand the feeling of cotton mouth in the AM. Happy New Year!!!!