Friday, December 16, 2011


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My Favorite sights and happenings this week

Earlier this week one of the neighbors down the block had an outside party.  Now this was not your usual party.  There were Indian dancers in full costume doing traditional native dances to the beat of several drums.  The shaman welcomed visitors; truly an unusual sight.

The tree is up and beautiful. I am happy.  It has a western theme.

Grandson put up the outside lights,  I was surprised and happy

I finished my Christmas Cards.  All the sparkle doesn't show up very well, but the branches (part of a Christmas tree garland) are white and covered with sparkly glitter--just like a frosty morning sight.


  1. Nice pictures to take us through the weekend! Glad you got your lights up. How nice!

  2. BEAUTIFUL card choice...I bet the sparkles on the branches are the perfect touch. And, I LOVE cardinals.

    Wishing now my grandsons lived closer to us ---our outdoor lights will remain packed away. Your tree, what a gorgeous tree!!! The reflection on the wall is stunning too.

    And the neighborhood street party. Oh how I miss them. We had them annually in much fun.

    Yes, VIRGINIA is my Friday post...if you can, come on over for a visit. And, have a terrific day.

  3. Hi Marti,
    Merry Christmas to you!!!! What a fabulous post and I love your card!!! And your tree is soooo beautiful!!!

  4. I still don't have Christmas cards out yet. I'm running out of time.
    Beautiful tree & lights.
    Merry Christmas.

  5. How wonderful! The party sounds amazing, your tree is gorgeous, your house looks so pretty with the lights, and your card choice is lovely. Have a delightful weekend. :-)

  6. wow, how very interesting to have such interesting neighbors celebrating in such a traditional way! :)

    Btw, your book is IN THE MAIL!!! Hope you really enjoy it.

  7. Tree is lovely, now you can sit back and enjoy Christmas.

  8. Your cards are beautiful! I haven't sent out cards the last two years and I hate it! Our list had gotten so big and I just couldn't afford it. :(
    That block party looks awesome!!!

  9. You had those dances outside in your neighborhood - how interesting.

    And I LOVE your tree. You are already now for Christmas!


  10. Interesting neighborhood! Looks like fun. Your tree is beautiful. What a terrific grandson!

  11. That neighborhood party would have been fun to see!
    Your tree is pretty and I like your Christmas cards. I haven't gotten mine addressed yet, hope to get that done this weekend.

  12. Love your Christmas tree and your Christmas cards that you sent out. (Did you know that I LOVE birds?) Fantastic neighborhood party with the Indian dancers! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
    Oh, and before I forget I love all your Christmas song selections. I love Elvis!