Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Labor Day weekend (in the US of A) is approaching...what's something you've labored over this year? 
I have labored over improving relationships.  I have has some success and some failure.  But I know that I am only accountable for my effort and not the result.

2. What is one word to describe your 'job' or career?
I have had a lot of jobs, a lot of variety, but what I consider as my career--a medical practice manager--I would describe as fulfilling. 

3. What was your worst or least favorite job ever? Why?
When I was thirteen, I was a nanny to a family who also thought that the job description included laundry and ironing white shirts for the grown son who had his own family and lived miles away.  The pay $2 a week for all the work.

4. How do you measure contentment?
Being able to go to bed at night with a light heart and a smile and falling asleep in minutes.

5. Pickles-like or dislike? What is something you eat that requires a pickle? Dill, bread and butter, sweet gherkins...what's your favorite kind of pickle?
I like pickles. especially on a hamburgers.  Bread and butter are my favorite.

6. In your current house-town-state, what is it you like living close to?
The concert halls and sports arenas

7. What is one thing on your 'want-to-do' list before summer draws to an official close?
Finish rearranging my studio

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
I was in a mud storm last night.  I had to drive my grandson to a friends house.  We had a bad dust storm and then it morphed into a severe rain storm, which meant it rained mud.

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