Thursday, August 15, 2013

Old is Good

On Tuesday I wrote about sewing machines, of which I have several.  To earn extra money, I often will do dressmaking. Several years ago I had an order for a dress for my Avon Lady, and she had waited until the last minute to get the fabric to me.  I quickly cut the dress out and had started to assemble it.  With just a couple of hours before the finish deadline, wouldn't you know it the power went off.  I was on the edge of panic when I remembered my bedroom night stand--a Singer treadle sewing machine that I had received as a gift from my ex's grandmother.  So I took off the pictures and lamp, opened it up, threaded it and treadled away, finishing the project with time to spare.

Now all the fancy computer machines are great, but there is nothing more dependable than an old fashioned muscle powered machine.

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