Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me

           Acting Balanced

1. Yesterday (August 25th) was Kiss and Make Up Day... when was the last time you had to kiss and make up?
I had to apologize to my youngest daughter for trying her patience with my grandson just today.

2. Are you doing anything special for Labour Day weekend?
I don't have any plans yet, but that may change as I am a last minute sort of person lately.

3. If you could go back to school, what would you major in?
Travelology.  Then I could fly around the world and see all kinds of wonderful sights.

4. How much rain did you have this summer?
We are still in monsoon season, so far this year have had 4.39 inches which is slightly below normal.

And now a question for you
5.  What is your favorite picnic food?
My answer--Fried chicken and potato salad with watermelon for dessert.

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