Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pondering with a Purpose

This Week's prompt is: Travel
What is your favorite mode of travel?
I love to travel.  But it would be hard to say what my favorite mode of travel is.  Last year I went to Hawaii for my daughter's wedding.  Of course, we flew over there--a ten hour flight.  I hated being cooped up in the airplane for that long, but what a time saver it was.  When I visit my daughter in Oregon, I generally fly--3 hours compared to 20 hours driving.  So flying is a great time saver, and it is amazing to see everything from the air.
I love to drive.  Two years ago, I took a month long road trip to visit all my brothers and sisters who lived in the northwestern states.  I rented a car so I didn't have to worry about dependable transportation, and then I drove from Arizona to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, and back to Arizona.  In all the trip was five thousand miles.  I stopped and saw all kinds of wonderful things--Indian ruins, historic towns, a butterfly pavilion, hot springs, Old Faithful, lava flows, Mt Saint Helen, Oregon Trail, and of course the ocean.  I had the luxury of spending as much time as I wanted exploring or just contemplating the beauty.
Three years ago, my daughter and I took a cruise to Alaska on the Norwegian Pearl--a fancy ocean liner.  It was nice to be able to unpack and settle in for two weeks on a water based hotel. The food was great, the entertainment fun, and the scenery unbelievable.  When we reached a port, all we had to do was take our coat and purse and we were free to explore without having to worry about baggage. On one of the excursions, we went horseback riding in the Yukon.  That was fun and certainly a different mode of travel,  We went back in the mountains along narrow trails to view spectacular scenery only accessible on horseback.
So I have traveled many ways.  The modes depended on the destination and time frame, but my favorite--driving because I can go where I want, stop where I want, and come home when I want.


  1. I enjoy driving too but agree that flying is a great time saver! I'd like to hear more about that cruise to Alaska!

  2. My thoughts on mode of travel is first, anything but a plane! I used to love flying, but now it's such a pain in the butt, I avoid it at all cost. I used to fly from Detroit to Chicago on occasion for a Cubs game. It's quicker to drive that distance now and cheap flight/gas, it's pretty much a financial wash.

    I like driving, or riding, because there is more opportunity to take in more and the bathrooms are bigger at rest stops and gas stations than planes or trains!

  3. I hate flying ... not only is it expensive, but it's such a pain. And DH enjoys driving, and we are really well-suited to driving together. Not to mention that we can pack as much/whatever we want - no restrictions! ;-) We will be trying a new means of transportation in a little more than 11 months - cruising. Our first cruise will be to the Caribbean (since we love warm weather and beaches). But we'd really love to do a cruise to Alaska. I have a feeling that if the cruise next January goes well, we'll book a cruise to Alaska. ;-)

  4. I love this post Marti!
    Now I want to go on vacation...
    thanks for pondering...
    PS... I added you to the linky!

  5. Alaska is definitely on my "must see" list! We went to Hawaii two summers ago...LOVED IT! I hope to make it back there, again, some day! Like you, though...I didn't care for the long flight...all the way from Georgia!

  6. You've been on some beautiful trips! We haven't done too much traveling at all, perhaps one day! Enjoy your Thursday!

  7. Marti, I am so impressed you drove 5000 miles. Your trips look wonderful

  8. Driving is my favorite mode, too, Marti, for the very same reasons you mentioned, and one more: There's something beckoning about miles of road ribboning (ha! new word alert!) off into the distance. I just love it. :-)

  9. Nice trips - Alaska - Hawaii - and did you drive that all by yourself? Brave girl. That must have been an adventure of a lifetime. sandie

  10. My favorite is automobile..and hopefully, backroads. I don't fly unless I am forced to do so...I have had a couple of really scary flights/landings/deplanings. xo Diana

  11. Ya, I'd prefer flying for travel any ol' day. But the way the security screening is now-a-days, I'd much rather drive...and since I don't like driving for long distances, I stay close to home. LOL

    Enjoyed reading your post. I've been to Hawai'i and loved the was a nighttime flight and long, long hours from Denver, but oh the lava flow on the big island was phenomenal.

    1. I think that travel, however it's done, is a wonderful thing. So fun to see new places and people!! Love your last photo especially. :-)

  12. Those are some very special traveling adventures you have had. I have a couple of bucket-list places I would like to visit. I am hopeful ~ one day :)

  13. Okay, horseback riding in the mountains AND sailing the seas?! sign me up for one Alaskan cruise asap! The more I hear about this cruise, the more I want to go. You have had some lovely travels.