Saturday, February 4, 2012

Celebrate Today's Holiday--Ice Cream for Breakfast

The scoop on the homemade holiday is that Florence Rappaport of Rochester started it during a particularly cold winter in the mid 1960s. Her six children were tired of being cooped up indoors and she needed to build some excitement.
She declared the first Saturday in February to be “Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.” The family celebrated it each year and it caught on among neighbors, relatives and friends. As the children grew up and neighbors moved on, it has spread as far away as China, India, Israel and Australia.
So for today, put away those cereal bowls, leave the sausage and eggs in the fridge, and join all the young at heart and have ice cream for breakfast.


  1. Who would think to declare that a Holiday? Gotta love a gal like that. xo Diana

  2. Ice cream for breakfast it is... my daughter will be thrilled... Hugs, Traci

  3. I WOULD LOVE THIS!!!! have a good weekend

    1. Wow, no one has ever suggested before that I have ice cream for breakfast! Make mine New York Cherry, please. :-)

  4. How fabulous is that!! Happy Ice-Cream day ;) xo HHL

  5. Sounds good to me! I am a young at heart 72. I know my great grandsons would love observing this holiday. :o)


  6. My husband's grandpa put a scoop of ice cream in hot oatmeal! :)

  7. Oh, darn. I read this too late! Well, there is always tomorrow! :-)
    xo Cheryl