Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet Me on Monday

Acting Balanced
1. What was the first live concert you ever attended?
I was just a kid, when Youth for Christ visited our town, and George Beverly Shea gave a wonderful concert.  Since that time I have attended many Christian music concerts and several Country/Western ones.
2. What colors look best on you?
Years ago, I worked for a high end cosmetic company and part of our training was to learn color analysis for our clients.  Using their guidelines, I am a spring.

The Light Spring

My Best Colors: Peach, Peachy Pink, Aqua, Periwinkle, Warm Turquoise, Teal Blue, Warm Gray, Navy, Ivory.  And personally I look best in periwinkle or turquoise.

3. What is one thing about you that most people wouldn't know?

I was married in France to a US Air Force Senior Airman. In order for the marriage to be legal we had to be married by a French judge in a civil ceremony in Evereux and then the base chaplain in a military ceremony at the base chapel. Both ceremonies were legal.

4. Who would you call to be bailed out of jail?
Who you gonna call?
They would have to do, cause I ain't got no money! ( And neither do any of my kin)

5. What do you think is the greatest invention of your lifetime and why?
I have seen a lot of inventions in my lifetime--

The Z3 computer is developed, the first machine to be controlled by software
Polyester invented
Silly Putty and the Slinky
First vaccine for influenza
Edwin Land invents instant photography
George de Mestral invents Velcro
Color television pictures are first transmitted
1952 First vaccine for polio discovered by Salk
1953 Microwave ovens first produced by the Raytheon Corporation
1954 First non-stick pans developed, using Teflon
1959 The Du Pont company develops Lycra
1962 First computer game devised; Spacewar
Acrylic paint developed
1967 First vaccine for mumps -1970 First vaccine for rubella -1974 First vaccine for chicken pox
1972 First email message sent
1977 The Apple II personal computer is launched
1983 Internet was formed
2005 U-Tube
2008 Camera Pill
2009 microelectronic retinal implant 
New inventions of 2011 include the light field camera, the world's smallest printer, fabric made from milk, and an electronic blood hound.
Now some of them I certainly could live without--say polyester suit--but where would we be without silly putty, Tupperware and the microwave oven.  
I am amazed at the progress medicine has made in my lifetime.  When I was born there were no vaccines. That is the most important invention for me, followed by the technology of communications.


  1. Love the answer to #4 and I've seen a lot of those same inventions.

  2. I love seeing Chris Tomlin in concert ... it's what I imagine that heaven will be like. ;-)

    I, too, am a spring.

  3. Just reading your list of things that have been invented and have made our lives much easier is amazing. I think we take for granted a lot of them! I especially enjoy the computer because it helps us all stay in touch with each other,so much better than just the telephone. We can share pictures of our families, etc. I don't think you'll be arrested anytime soon! Enjoy your day!

  4. It's always such fun getting to know more about my bloggy friends. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Marti!

  5. Fun facts. I think we must be close to the same age as most of those "inventions" strike a note with me, too. xo Diana

  6. I too have lived through most of those inventions? Wow we lived through a lot.

  7. if ever held by a ghost jailer the ghost busters would be perfect lol

  8. Hi Marti, Hope you are having a great day. I posted your ATC om my blog today. Thanks again for trading with me. I hope you like the one I made for you. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  9. Those were interesting facts to know about a fellow blogger. It is fun to learn more about the ladies we visit often in Blogland. Hope you have a wonderful week.-----

  10. The last picture you posted terrifies me. I am scared to death of needles. Have a great week!

  11. Looking at your list, a lot of those vaccines are new since I was born too. Boy, I said computers on mine, but you made me think! Without medical advances, I wouldn't have the miracle drugs that make me feel as good as I do.

    As I recall, I'm a winter. I hope the means green is okay. :)

  12. I love George Beverley Shea - and Billy Graham is my favorite minister. Love, sandie

  13. At my first concert, I saw The Isley Brothers. My friend Peggy and I, who were both 13 years old, took two trains to the The Paramount Theater in Brooklyn, NY to see this rock and roll event. Our parents approved and never thought anything about it. It was a different and more safe era.

    I love your forth answer.

  14. What an interesting life you've had. I listened to the old Beverley Shea sing on a Gaither's show not many weeks ago. He can still belt out a hymn at his old age.


  15. Fun stuff! I remember when we all did our color wheels, spring, fall, etc, I think the greatest invention has been the GPS


  16. You know I use to participate in a Meet Me On Monday meme hosted by Java, but I sort of fell off the bandwagon when she took a break last summer. I definitely would check out the hostess of this meme and then try to incorporate it into my Monday blog hop routine. Yeah, as if I need another meme to play in. lol.

    I liked your answers, but what's got me curious to know is, are you from France? If not, were you in the service, too?

    Thanks for visiting yesterday and giving me your feedback on how you play these tag games. Have a terrific Tuesday!

  17. Ya I always think how interesting it would have been to be born before the televisions and computers were invented. : )