Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pondering with a Purpose--Memories

This Week's prompt is:  Memories
Those of you that follow my blog will realize that a lot of my posts are about memories--memories of growing up in the Wyoming Rocky Mountains near Yellowstone Park, memories of the special times that I spent with my family on our ranch and memories of how we did things in the olden days.  I love to remember how things were and compare it with how things now are.  Somethings are better, some not.  I was born in the age before telecommunication.  We did have a radio, and when I was 11 or 12 we got a telephone--a party line.  There were no CD's, DVD's or even tapes.  Some people had Victrolas (record players that played 78 vinyl records)

But more important than the technological advancement memories, are the memories of the people and events.  There will always be a record of the advances in our world, but unless each of us take time to record our memories of the events of our lives, the special things our parents and our children did these will be lost forever.  

In many cultures the stories of their heritage are passed on through stories told by the elders--each generation learning the old stories and adding the current happenings.  The past is revered, its lessons not forgotten. This is a lesson that we need to learn.  We should take the time to tell our children of their heritage and the rich tapestry woven of past experiences.  We can use our technology to preserve the pictures and stories that make us all so unique.  We should establish the importance of our roots.  So then our memories can be a touch stone for the future.


  1. It is amazing how this new bloggy world will work as a recording of history as well currently view it.

  2. I grew up the old way too - in the hills of Appalachia. The "poor country" where everything was done the old way. As far as I'm concerned, it was a better way of life.

  3. One good thing about living when we did we can cope with a power failure mych better than our kids. I love the sharing.

  4. I was so looking forward to your post on this subject because as you said, your blog is filled with memories....
    I compeletely agree that this society needs to learn better how to transfer the knowledge of where we came from, who we were and what we've experienced in order to preserve the society for the future.

    Thanks for pondering with me

  5. Loved this post. I too agree that our own personal history is very important for those who come after us! Even though we may not find our lives very exciting or interesting, they can learn a lot from us!!

  6. beautiful! and exactly why I travel the snow covered highways to get be with the big family that has made my Christmas Day so special for over 40 years. My kids have heard all about it -- but they also need to Live It themselves.
    love this - awesome job

  7. I especially love these lines:
    "We should establish the importance of our roots. So then our memories can be a touch stone for the future."
    I couldn't agree more.