Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

friday favorite things | finding joy
These are a few of my favorite things this week
Dinner with my son's family and friends--grandson  at end of table, granddaughter next to me, DIL across from me.
On a hot June 22nd a few years back, actually 44 years ago, I had a sweet, independent little girl.  She has always kept me real.
She is a talented computer programmer, whose motto seems to be "get er done"
She took me on an Alaskan cruise--this is the ships lounge.
She got married at sunset on Kauai (Hawaii) last year--she took the whole family.
She is spontaneous.  So happy birthday, sweet, independent, opinionated daughter.


1.       I love a _quiet day so I can work on my art__
2.       If I could _vacation_ anywhere I would _love to go to Australia_

Near Trinidad, Colorado
3.       When I grow up, I want to _be a rock star, actually I would love to live in the mountains_
4.       The best _advice_I ever _had was to be true to yourself and to God_


  1. Your daughter seems like a lovely young woman. Don't you love seeing them become independent and self sufficient!

  2. What a nice daughter you have. Love the family photo of all of you.

  3. It's a real joy for a mama to see her daughter grow up to be a sweet, independent young woman.

  4. I would love to go to the land down under too. It would be a vacation of a life time.

  5. That advice sounds awesome :)

  6. Maybe you could be a rock star living in the mountains? ;)

    Excellent advise, and so true.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Happy Birthday to your girl. Great pictures! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. My nephew did a semester in australia and said it was amazing... hope you get there one day!

  9. Happy birthday to your daughter - she is beautiful. sandie

  10. Oh, but you're so fortunate to have your family near! I'd like to join the "Happy Birthday to You" choir for your daughter, if I may? Love to hear more about that Alaskan cruise someday.

    PS - That taco salad sitting in front of you looks amazingly delish!

  11. Australia/New Zealand is pretty much my dream trip too. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  12. Your daughter is beautiful. You can definitely see the momma in her eyes and her smile. You advice is so similar to the advice my Mom gave us when we were young!