Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

friday favorite things | finding joy
These are a few of my favorite things this week
Grandson coming home from work!  Yeah, he got a job!!!!

Taking the grandson and friends out to eat at PoPo's Mexican Food.  It was this guy's 19th birthday.  He has been a good friend of grandson.
The puppies have learned to sit for treats, they are just like one of the girls now. 
I finally finished my recipe memory book.  This has recipes, pictures, and a wee bit of fun facts about the cooks.  This was a new scrapbook that I found at a used book store, so I altered it to fit my purpose.
A sample set of pages 
Wild onion blooming in a tub by my front porch
Wind in the grass out front
And finally a new pedicure.  Yummy lavender color reminds we of cool  spring days.


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1.       There never seems to be _cookies in the cookie jar, I just can't figure where they disappear to overnight (couldn't be a midnight snack for the grandson, could it?)
2.       I love to _make memory books.  I just finished one that I had been planning for a long time.  See pictures above.
3.       I could _be_ outta _ice tea--it was a hot day today.
4.       The last time I _looked_, _I only had a quarter of tank of gas,  it sure does go fast and I get 35 mpg.  Maybe I need to stay home more often.


  1. I hear ya about gas. I love the recipe book. For about a hundred years I went crazy with recipes. I couldn't organize them well and they were all over the house -- honestly! Then Google came to town. I put them on a blog and voila! There's a tab on my home page if you'd like to venture through it. I love recipes. I don't cook much but I love recipes.

  2. Gas is killer. It is however, tough to stop being a never stay at home person.

  3. Cookies don't last long around here, either with two guys in the house. I call DH my Cookie Monster.

    Friday Sillies #30 - Dads & Follow Fridays Four Fill-in Fun

  4. My cookies never made it into the cookie jar! And I even have a special jar - the gingerbread man!

  5. When my daughter is home the cookies are gone! Your memory recipe book looks lovely and it looks like you put a lot of love and work into it :)

  6. What cute dogs! I love your favorite things list. I totally can relate to the job thing when our kids got their jobs. Hopping from Finding Joy.

  7. Congrats to your grson for getting a job....not an easy feat in today's market. Are you sure YOU aren't getting up and sleepwalking and eating the cookies? lol

    Love your memory book- xo Diana

  8. Stopping by from Follow Friday Fill Ins...
    gas sure does go fast around town.
    I love your pupplies!

    Mom on Caffeine

  9. I never get the cookies to make it in a jar?? Maybe I can get you to show me which page of that adorable book you made you wrote that trick in. L O V E the puppy picture. good for you on getting yourself a treat I love the lavender color :))

  10. I so agree with your number 4... it goes so fast!

  11. Love the Recipe Book and the pedicure!