Monday, June 11, 2012

Bee Happy Swap

My favorite swap is sponsored by Amy at Bumble Bee Lane.  It is a prim swap.  This time the theme was Bee Happy--all about Bees, Birds, and Flowers.  I was fortunate to have  Kim from BlackBerry Crows Prims as my partner.  She is a talented lady from Tennessee. 
Saturday in the mail I received a package from her.  First let me say--isn't that prim crow paper the best!  
You can see the dish towel with the cheery sunflowers, and the trim star and black wooden spoon.  But what are the crows hiding.  Very carefully I cut the tape, saving the paper for future projects and unwrapped the treasures waiting for me inside.

Check out that beeskep with a big black crow.  It has a hanger so not only can it go on a shelf, but also hang on your wall.  That little mache pail has a yellow egg.  The last crow package was hiding this prim doll.  Thank you Kim for all the wonderful things.
Be sure and check out her site.  She also has an Etsy shop.


  1. Oh just loving the sweet beeskep and crow she sent.Can't wait to see her gifts from you.Warm Blessings!~Amy
    Ps.Looking back through your other post your granddaughter is beautiful! I'm sure she'll be a lovely young lady....The pic of the taco salad made me hungry!

  2. Oh! What fun- I have a couple of other friends that are part of a prim swap, too. Love your sweet things-xo Diana

  3. Oh now nice and thoughtful! Love what you got.