Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sights from a Jet Boat

Some people equate Maine with lobster, me--I think lighthouses.  I took a lighthouse tour on a jet catamaran.  Standing as far forward as possible on a choppy ocean--the ride was exhilarating.  I also saw some historic lighthouses. Lighthouses were once the saviors of the seacoast. Their bright beacons and resonating foghorns cut through foul weather, warning ships of impending danger and guiding them safely back to shore. In this age of radar and GPS, lighthouses no longer have the life and death significance they once did, yet these distinctive structures still carry the romance and drama of their pasts. More than 60 lighthouses dot the Maine coast, I was fortunate to see five of them on this tour.

Egg Rock lighthouse built in 1875
Winter Harbor lighthouse opened in 1856
Bear Island lighthouse --1839
Baker Island lighthouse--the oldest I saw 1825
Bass Harbor Head lighthouse dates from 1858

Of course after seeing the sights we had to have a lobster lunch.

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