Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Quiz About Me

                                                     Acting Balanced

1. What was your favorite lunch this past week?
Campbell's Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup.  It's new and very good.

2. Do you shop online?
95% of the time, about the only thing I always buy at the store is groceries.  I just got a good deal on craft supplies online on Saturday.
3. Do you get the "Winter Blues"?
No, because of the wonderful winter weather and lots of sunshine that we have here in Phoenix.

4. Slippers, Socks, Shoes or Bare Feet?
Shoes--I have broken so many toes going bare foot and I just don't want anymore pain.

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5. Will you watch TV regarding the inauguration? 
I will just see what is shown on the evening news.  Too bad they don't spend all that money on feeding the hungry.


  1. We hear about the inauguration however I will only clips when I check the news channel for traffic and weather.

  2. No. I am not much of a TV watcher anyway and when I do watch it, I prefer comedy because I watch it to relax. I rarely watch the news at all, hubby keeps me posted because he watches all of that stuff.

  3. No, I won't be watching the inauguration, except for what's shown on the news. I agree, all that money could be better spent!

  4. So far, every favorite lunch I've read, and the one I wrote, was soup. That time of year, huh?

    I really don't think much more than the swearing in is necessary, especially when it's a formality for a second term. (Do you STILL swear...?) I don't watch that silly stuff, but I agree, all over the world, if we spent less money celebrating how rich and powerful the rich and powerful are, maybe fewer people would be poor and powerless.

  5. I'll catch the highlights of it on the the news. I think it's a waist of time. You would think he was a king, he may think of himself as a king, but he's not.

  6. There wasn't anything else on this morning so I watched. I did enjoy the singing.

  7. No, but I will watch the highlights on the news.

    I know what you mean about broken toes...however I still love flip flops! (:>

    I would love to be in the Phoenix area for the winter! i wouldn't get the winter blues there. But here in Kansas I sometimes do!

    Happy Monday!


  8. Phoenix is indeed the ideal wintering place! We don't have it too bad here in West Texas either, but those summers can be miserably hot! No, I won't be watching the festivities, I had to work today, and I'm not one for a lot of big show. Keep it simple is my mantra! :-)

  9. Good replies- I agree about the money spent on the inauguration. xo Diana

  10. Nope, have zero desire to watch all of that when the money would be far better spent elsewhere.

  11. Nah, I missed it too. I do not like politicians of any stripe. Thanks for linking up this week, hope to see you back again next week.