Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The NFL playoffs were held this past weekend and this year's Superbowl lineup will feature The New York Giants versus The New England Patriots. How do you define 'patriot'?
Several thoughts come to mind--those brave common people who fought for our freedom, then Mel Gibson as the peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution

2. What's something in your life right now that feels like a 'giant'?
Keeping on an even keel while my grandson is recovering from his accident.  He is facing emotional and physical trials, and is quick to lash out.  I pray daily for God to give me patience.
3. What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think back to being 18?
Being far away from home, living in Denver, so I could go to college.

4. Coconut-mashed potatoes-vanilla ice cream-mayonnaise...which white food would be the hardest to give up?

My favorite white food is scallops.  I absolutely love them any way they are fixed, but since they aren't on the list, I would have to go with mashed potatoes, all hot and fluffy with a pat of butter melting in a nice puddle in the center.

5. Describe an incident or a day you remember as the coldest you've ever experienced?
The coldest I have ever been, physically, was when I lived in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  In the winter of 1968 the temperature was -30 degrees, but with the wind chill it was close to 50 below.  There was about 2 feet of snow on the ground.  I couldn't be outside for more than a minute or so.  Now 40 years later, I am still thawing out.  The coldest emotionally, the day that my husband left me--my heart was frozen for the longest time.  But, through the years, I have thawed out from that also.  Now my life is warm!

6. You're hosting a brunch...what's your favorite dish to prepare and serve?
I love to make Quiche, serve it with fresh fruit, green salad, and sherbet for dessert.

7. How do you combat negative thinking?
Pray, listen to good music, get busy doing something creative.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Sheridan found out today that he might need more surgery on his upper face.  He is very upset with this.  He still does not have insurance, so am hoping that his work will get busy and submit the paperwork, so he might be covered  before this happens.  Sometimes I think I am too old to have to deal with all these problems, but then a still small voice comes to me and says that I am just the right age--my faith, experience and knowledge will see us both through these trying times.


  1. Seems like everyone is thinking egg dishes for brunch - I chose meatballs - I've always been a little different!

  2. I lived in Michigan for a very long 18 months. It was cold!

  3. Quiche is a favorite food of mine, too! Oh, how I love Denver! We went there a few years ago to go skiing in Vail. Would go back in a heartbeat!

    1. How discouraging for Sheridan! and for you. I pray that the doctors will make the right decisions and that he can learn to accept what comes next. Such a difficult thing!

      On a lighter note, you'll have to send me your recipe for quiche. I've NEVER made quiche, yet I love it!

  4. I forgot about Quiche, but love it! Hope everything works out smoothly with your grandson.

  5. mmmmm..... I love scallops too! And quiche!
    Got any good recipes?

  6. What fun to learn some facts about you. I will pray for Sheridan. I'm sure it is an anxious time for all of you! xo Diana

  7. Love your positive response in your random answer. Glad your life has warmed up! I thought that looked like the Denver skyline.

  8. "Sometimes I think I am too old to have to deal with all these problems, but then a still small voice comes to me and says that I am just the right age..."
    I love this so much, along with your thoughtful responses. Praying for your Sheridan, and for you. xoxo

  9. I could never live in weather that cold. I am actually getting tired of winter here in PA! Never has the cold affected me as it has these past two years. What a beautiful attitude you have with your grandson! I pray things get settled soon and you keep remembering what a miracle he is! Enjoy your Wednesday!

  10. Winter in da UP? BRRR! I'm chilled just thinking about that!

    The quiche is a good warm-up though! YUM!

    Keeping your grandson's recovery in my prayers

  11. Hello Marti,
    I am so sorry to hear about Sheridan I pray that he will heal from all this soon.
    I lived in Sault St. Marie Michigan for 2 years while my ex was going to school there, it sure was cold!!!!
    Thank you for sharing a little about your self with us
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  12. Girl? You are making me drool with your description of the mashed potatoes and melting butter. Ooooooooooowee. I would give both my ovaries for a bowl of 'taters and butter right about now.

    I knew the photo of Denver right away...see the white capped Rockies...just below in the foothills to the north of the city is where I grew up.

    Loved your hodgepodge today. Except for the news on the need for more surgery for Sheridan...when it rains it pours, and it's not a good thing most times.

  13. Mashed potatoes would be hard for me to give up, too. I had them for dinner last night.
    I'll keep your g'son in my prayers. He's been through so much and I know it is tough going, but he's young and strong and will pull through this and your steadfast faith and courage will be a great help. Blessings ~ Cheryl

  14. Oh, Marti, so sorry you are facing such difficulties with your Grandson and I pray the Lord will continue to give you just what you need as you need it.

    Your Quiche and my Curried Fruit would make a great brunch.

    Blessings for a great rest of the week!

  15. What a fun bunch of hod podge! Sending a prayer for Sheridan.

    Blessings, Debbie

  16. What every wise words you've shared in your random thought. I wish your grandson a full and speedy recovery.