Saturday, January 7, 2012

There's No Place Like Home

I feel like Dorothy.  I love  my home, I have always loved it no matter where it was.  First there was the log house on the ranch, although it had no indoor bathroom, it was the place where I learned to dream.  I had a desk my grandpa made and I would sit and write or draw for hours, or I would lay on the lawn of fresh mowed clover and watch the clouds dance by with shapes suggesting wonderful things.

Then, my next real home was in Jouy-sur-Eure, France.  It was an apartment with unique features--like rolling floors, again, no bathroom, but there was a community one just outside the hall door.  But the most unusual thing was the stovepipe for the kerosene heater that went through the window pane.  I lived there for three years, and learned to value all the conveniences in America.

After moving around for a while, we finally settled in Phoenix, and the place that I have lived for 43 years.  It is a solid block home, now part of the barrio. At one time it was one of the more desirable neighborhoods on the West side.  But I enjoy the ethnicity of our block.  On a Sunday afternoon you can hear a mariachi band playing, enjoy the aroma of cookouts, and mom's calling to their children in Spanish.  I am the token white lady.


  1. I agree with you! Home is your foundation, it holds all of your dream, hopes and fear and every secret you don't tell! It's kinda like a best friend.

    With the moving around and the culture ib your neighborhood now, do you speak French and Spanish too? Or a little of them? Very cool!

  2. When you wrote of sitting at your desk, I thought of John-boy Walton at the end of each episode writing in his journal. LOL

    I can't believe how much your house looks like the one we lived in in Orlando.

    I've tagged you in a post on my blog. Check it out at

  3. I too feel at home wherever my house is and I've loved all of mine too, and there have been 11 of them since I've been married.

  4. Your current home looks lovely! And for 43 years! Wow. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love that... the token white lady.

  6. Oh my two homes with no bathrooms? Theres nothing quite like indoor plumbing! LOL
    43 years in the same place thats amazing these days! Love your comment about the token white lady! LOL
    hugs Lynn

  7. And you have GRASS in your yard! I was expecting sand, or the rocks that I saw in some yards when I was in Phoenix for my nephew's wedding!