Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorite Things

Some of my favorite things this week
Going into my doctor's office for post-op visit, no more visits for a month.  Yeah!

Amazing St Joseph's Hospital where they took care of my grandson.  Monday he went in for outpatient surgery on his face.  He is so ready to get in the car and come home.
Taking a vote for membership
Lifting their face to the warm sunshine


This week’s statements:
1. I used to enjoy working but now I don’t really anymore except for when I am broke
2. My first job was as a nanny when I way 13.
3. I am a bit obsessed with rearranging my studio at the moment
4. If I don’t have my fan on at night, I don’t sleep well.  I also like to have a nice comforter to snuggle under.


  1. Oh I love seeing your flowers. We are suppose to get some snow so its nice to see flowers blooming. Have a good weekend, Glad your grandson is doing well.

  2. Some fun favorites! I am so glad your grandson is doing well. What a blessing...and I am glad you are Dr. free for a few weeks. xo Diana

  3. I always sleep with our ceiling fan on full blast...makes me sleep like a baby! Hope your dr. appointment goes well!

  4. Your grandson looks good! Glad his surgery went well and that YOU don't have to go back for awhile! I love to snuggle under blankets, the more the better, which drives my hubby crazy! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Glad with you for the healing power of Jesus!

  6. I too love a great comforter to snuggle with!

  7. Hope your grandson is doing well.

    Like the flowers looking up towards the sun!


  8. I hope your Grandson is doing well. It's amazing to me what they can now do on an outpatient basis.

    I like the fan going too. It seems to make me breathe better, I run the fan on the a/c all the time.

    It's nice to see pretty yellow flowers in the Winter. We have very mild Winters here in Southern California.


  9. My job before my current one was as a nanny, I loved it!

  10. Have a great weekend.. I hope your Grandson heals quickly!

  11. Fan--check, goose-down comforter--check, good nights sleep--check!!! :) Have a nice weekend.

  12. ok..I am going to share this with you..because I know you will totally understand. First I put my favorite afghan under the comforter so I can crawl under it...(it is toasty..) but that still is not enough. I then take my very large white bath towel which is rolled up length wise tight and put in in the micro wave for one minute. Then I put this under the afghan and roll it out being sure that as little air as possible gets under the covers..then I brush my teeth, get ready for bed and crawl into a very warm and cozy nest...and off to sleep I go! :)
    Yeah..patient husband thinks I'm nuts... s'ok. I'm cozy, comfy and definitely get so good zzzzz's.
    p.s. can you tell me how you what your settings are on "comments?" I love the area to reply and I just cannot figure out how to get that..or even my comments anymore.
    Thank you so much.

  13. You nightly sleeping habits sound like mine. In a perfect world my bedroom would be pretty cool, with the fan on, and I'd be buried under my down comforter. My husband does not feel the same way so our room is much warmer than I prefer. I miss my fan.

  14. The taking a vote on membership photo cracked me up!