Saturday, January 14, 2012

Choose your Holiday for Today

Well, today, you can choose the holiday that you want to celebrate.  Any excuse for a party.  So pick your favorite, and get out the ice cream.

Ratification Day in the United States refers to the anniversary of the ratification of the Treaty of Paris on January 14, 1784 at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, Maryland by the Confederation Congress. This act officially ended the American Revolution and established the US as a sovereign entity

Dress Up Your Pet Day is an opportunity to wow the neighbours, and to unleash the inner diva of your favourite pooch or persian… Why not go the extra mile, and get the little guy or gal something to match your finest glad rags – that way you can both dress to impress and really set some trends!

Caesarean section day
Who was the first to perform a caesarean section?
Dr. Jesse Bennett is said to be the first North American doctor to perform a caesarean section in 1794. At the age of 24, Dr. Bennett performed the first caesarean section in America on his wife Elizabeth. In a modest home in Virginia the surgery was performed without any antiseptics and equipment. Too much of his surprise, the mother and baby survived the operation.
Well, what a choice!  So, I will try to put a hat on my dog, have her carry a flag, and wear a mask.  I am so indecisive.


  1. I think I'll celebrate a Holiday of my own making. One that includes sitting in front of the fireplace and drinking hot coffee. You have fun though. Do you have a matching hat to wear so your dog won't feel foolish? xo Diana

  2. Well, I guess the end of the American Revolution is a pretty good thing to celebrate. I had no idea that was today.

  3. I think my sweet Sophie and I will dress up as HOTDOGS....I love that!!!



  4. I vote for C-section day because that is how I had my beautiful daughter.

  5. Todays post was funny and interesting. I liked learning about C-sections and adore dressing up the pet. History of our United States is always welcome.

    Thanks and happy weekend. Hope you are living a New Happy Year.

  6. Awh, your doggie looks...well, delicious. ;)
    Stopping by to say hi, Marti. Hope you are well. Blessings your way.

  7. Well since that dog looks like Disco - I chose that one. sandie

  8. I am a mother who has had a c-section and I am thankful for that doctor who figured it out! Because of that knowledge I have my 2ds and what a blessing that is. So I choose that as a holiday. [o=