Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Chicken Story

I have a dog--Queensland heeler, black lab mix, by instinct a herder.--and I live in the barrio.  I was here long before the cultural change.  In past years my neighborhood was all white except for one black family.  Now, I am the only white person living here, but we co-exist peaceably.  I have grown accustomed to many cultural changes--mariachi music, mamas calling to their children in Spanish, and chickens. Some of my neighbors raise a few chickens.  In the morning, the rising sun is greeted by the crowing of a rooster--a pleasant sound.
The scene is set. 
I was watching TV in the living room, when I heard a terrible ruckus.  A chicken came flying into the room followed by my dog, tail wagging, barking like crazy.  Chicken hides behind a chair, dog lays down, woofing softly, inviting chicken to come and play.  Getting a broom (after taking the blanket off my head and quitting screaming like a girl), I chased chicken out the living room door, but dog runs outside and tries to herd it back in through the doggy door.  I finally encourage chicken to fly over the back yard fence to its home.  Poor dog, she sits outside whining, begging chicken to come back and play.  I think she believes I am a mean lady--chasing away her friend.


  1. I would still be hiding under the blanket!

  2. That is so funny!!! The dog just wanted to be friends.
    It is weird isn't how things change. When we moved to where I live now when I was a kid. It was out in the middle of nowhere. Now I am in town.
    Maybe the chicken will stay. :)