Friday, September 4, 2009

My Three (Grand)sons

I have three grandsons, each special in his own way.  My oldest grandson is a freshman at GCC, with only one thing on his mind, and its not girls, although they probably hold second place.  He lives to play baseball.  Sometime in the near future his name will be known in every household, as that young promising major league player.

My Prescott grandson goes toYavapai CC.  He loves BMX riding, and is a great artist.  No doubt one day he will be well known in the art world.  I like to think of this painting as a self portrait.

My youngest grandson, is five years old, and going through the trauma of adjusting to kindergarten.  He is an active child, and wonders about some of the rules that he must now follow.

It's hard to have to follow all the rules, I can sympathize with him.  Sometimes I have trouble with some of them.

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