Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do You Want to Hear a Secret?

I bet when you were young, more than once you heard someone say, "I've got a secret and I'm not going to tell", and then they would go into great detail about the secret. Or a friend said, "Do you want to hear a secret?" and then they would spill the beans.

There is a country song sung by Clay Walker called "Chain of Love.  It tells the story of how one good act can come full circle.  It is the same idea as the pop phrase  "pay if forward"--how people should do random acts of kindness.

I believe in this, but with one more requirement.  The act must remain a secret, that way we make sure that we are doing it out of love, and not for self glory.  Of course, we gain satisfaction from the deed, but we also gain humility by not taking credit for it.  It's our secret with God.

So next time you give a couple of bucks toward an old couple's grocery bill, or help carry a pregnant ladies bags up the stairs, or return something that you see a kid drop.  Remember it is your secret.

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