Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She was a Beautiful Baby

3 Months

2 Years
3 Years

I remember a hot day in June, I was sunburned after a picnic at Lynx Lake near Prescott.  Shortly after returning home, it was time, it was TIME.  A few minutes after rushing to the hospital, this cute little redhead entered the world, and things have never been the same.  Independent, strong-willed, determined, an "I can conquer the world" attitude, are words that best describe my daughter.  She makes an unforgettable impression on everyone.  She is going to college full time finishing her degree, she works full time, she manages her home, and now this Saturday she will be getting married.  I think that will be her birthday present.  I am so proud of you!  Happy birthday, my dear daughter.
High School graduation
Just look at her now

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  1. My lil sis all growed up cant make her eat mud pies anymore dang lol