Friday, June 17, 2011

Remembering Daddy--Snapshot of a unique man

Jimmy Tuff--Norman Price--Daddy

Born September 9th 1895 in Ontario, Canada, this cowboy moved West and settled near Cody Wyoming when in his early 20's.  He tamed wild broncos, competed in local rodeos, was a stunt double in several Hollywood western movies, and worked on ranches as a cowboy.  Then he bought some land on the side of Logan Mountain on the Northfork of the Shoshone River just east of Yellowstone Park, where he built a log home with the help of a team of horses.  He guided hunting trips into the rugged country of Yellowstone.  He raised Hereford cattle and also raised a family with his bride Elsie--seven children, four girls and three boys.  He never was more happy than when he was on a horse or playing with his kids.

Daddy taming horse at Valley Ranch on the Southfork--Cody, Wyoming 1915

Daddy holding me
He was an honest man, whose word was his bond.  He was a patriotic man--a cowboy who volunteered to fight in World War I. When he didn't qualify in the USA, he returned to Canada, the country of his birth and joined the Royal Canadian Army.  He was an adventurous, fun loving man--once roping a yearling bear cub and having to chase it up a tree, out onto a limb that gave way, sending him and the bear tumbling to the ground.  But he retrieved his good lariat, and the bear took off for Montana, so all was good. He was a loving man both to his wife and to his children.  He was a spiritual man, who had a quiet faith, trusting in God to help him through the many trials of his life.
In loving memory,
Your eldest daughter

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