Monday, May 9, 2011

Training Wheels

I went to a birthday party on Saturday and the birthday girl received a new bike, but couldn't ride it right away because Dad had to put on training wheels.  This started me thinking about training wheels not only on bikes, but other things in life.  They are those crutches that we use to help us master a skill, or overcome an obstacle. They are both good and bad. They balance us while we gain experience and confidence, but they slow our self reliance.  They make our task safe, but they dull the excitement and thrill of conquering a challenge by ourselves.  Remember Dad or Mom running along side of you, holding you as you got the hang of biking, and remember the excitement of looking back and seeing that they weren't holding you and you were riding on your own.  Remember the first time that you did something new all by yourself.  It's good to have someone beside you, but I know that the challenges that I have conquered on my own have given me special joy.

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