Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flower Moon

Last night was the full moon.  It was an awesome sight. Commonly it is referred to as the Flower Moon--it is the season when nature puts on its party clothes and dances in the fields.  It was a beautiful night even in the city.  As I sat in my backyard, I recalled a poem that I had written years ago.

                                                     Dancing in my dreams
        Lit by silvery moon
        Crickets strum a rhythm
        To frogs deep note tune

        Breezes waltz with leaves
        'Neath the midnight sky
        And nightingales call softly
        Then wait for loves reply.

It is good to store up special sights and sounds so that in times of stress you can close your eyes and open the book of memories and relive those moments, those times when nature put on a grand performance just for you.

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