Friday, December 3, 2010


This picture was taken near where I grew up. 
     Winter's were special times as a kid.  There was all that snow to play in--make snowmen, and snow angels, build igloos, go sledding and have snow ball fights.  And then when we came in from playing, Mom had hot cocoa and cookies waiting. 
     With the snow came the expectation that Christmas was just around the corner.  We looked forward to see the special tree that Daddy brought home from the surrounding forest.  Each of us secretly made presents for our folks, and even occasionally each other.  At school we practiced for the Christmas pageant that was presented every year for the entire community.  We always had a play and a nativity scene.  The older kids vied for the part of Mary and Joseph. 
     Winter was special in the eyes of a child--a time of fun and wonder..

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