Thursday, February 11, 2010

Not What One Expects

Today, on the way home from the store, all four lanes of traffic had come to a stop.  At the front of the line on my left a  pick up hauling a large trailer had stopped.  Its driver, a large burly construction worker waved at me to stop.  My first thought, there had been an accident or some one was hurt, but no--a little brown dog, maybe part terrier and Chihuahua visably upset was running down the middle of the lane.  As I stopped, and oncoming traffic stopped the man shooed the dog across the traffic lanes and onto the sidewalk.  When the pup was safely on its way the driver climbed back into his truck and the normal hustle of busy traffic resumed.

Kindness  is shown when you least expect it, and from unlikely sources.  I think that we often judge people by looks and not actions.

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