Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Memories of Mom

Today is in memory of Mom.  What a woman she was!  Born in the east in 1920, moving west as a child to Roberts Montana, after high school moving to Wyoming--the Northfork of the Shoshone river not far from Yellowstone park.   

Met a cowboy/rancher, became a rancher's wife, raised seven children, faced many hardships, but in spite of it all was a happy, artistic, funny lady. She loved flowers, especially roses, loved to visit the Oregon sea coast and watch the magesty and power of the ocean.

She was a very good mother to me--supportive, wise, able to look on the funny side of life, forgiving of my faults, and encouraging me to be better--an example I want to follow. I salute you, Mom, on this the day of your birth.

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