Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ripples of Joy

When I was young I liked to go out to our middle pond and throw rocks in the water and watch the circle of ripples grow.  Big rocks made a huge splash and a lot of ripples, but even the smallest pebble would make a ripple that would expand.  Some people are like that.

This weekend I spent time with one of my "Armchair Artist" friends.  She loves to make greeting cards--up to 100 of the same one--for all the holidays.  She now is working on cards for Halloween.  She buys paper by the bunch, designs the cards, and then sends them to people who need a little cheer in their lives.  She also crochets and knits making shawls, hats, dish towels and dish clothes by the dozens--all to give away.  She said that not only does she get joy from making all these, but also the joy of giving, so she is twice blessed.  Then there is the joy that the receiver experiences--another ripple.

This inspires me to try to make ripples of joy.


  1. We never know what effect our actions can have, so be sure to throw good rocks.

  2. thank you - it made me teary-eyed. i have missed our weekends - they revive me. barb